Basic Computer Setup/Fix - It's FREE - Now Fix Your Computer

Some of the best products out there are free. The basic setup for nearly any computer user can be done with free programs that are excellent. Here is what a good geek will recommend:

It's FREE - Fix Your Computer

Ask what you will, and those who know a geek do. So here are the first steps, the steps you must take to fix most of your computer woes (Do this when setting up to avoid problems):

1) Install Spybot Search and Destroy. After you install run this, and “immunize” your system, your computer will run faster and have far fewer problems. (Use the "Hosted by Safer-Networking" links to endure you receive the free version.)

2) Install Firefox. This should be your default browser. It will get rid of your pop-ups and it is about 4.3 billion times better than Internet Explorer. Also, you can add the FireFTP ftp extension for transferring files easily, if you are into that kind of thing.

3) You need to upgrade to cable or dsl if you are still using dial-up.

(For those who like using AOL’s Instant Messanger, you do not have to have AOL to use IM. You can have any access and use AOL's IM--AIM, just download AIM directly.)

If you have any further questions, but post a comment here, and they will be answered—maybe.

Other Tools:

OpenOffice - How much did you spend on Microsoft Office? Well, how about a really good compatible program that is free? It beats paying Microsoft, and it is gooood. In many regards, it is better. And compatible. (Sun is behind the initiative.)

We find Symantec's anti-virus tools really slow down a computer. A cheaper alternative: Free anti-virus software, and it is good.

Speed Test - How fast is your connection?

If your needs are basic during tax season, we suggest free tax software.

Getting the clue? Embrace the freedom of being a geek.

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