Yes, these are the popular questions. Some of these questions are not popular here (Top NET FAQ), but popular on the internet as a whole. Why would we place them here? If you have to ask you need to understand this giant wasteland. (Don't worry, we'll make an FAQ page with the answer.)

Here is a list of consistently top questions on the net, in order of frequency:

What does herpes look like?
What are the signs of being pregnant?
How long does marijuana stay in your system?
How to pass a drug test?

We have gone with consistency. On any given day, some of the top questions tend to have to do with the pursuit of nude photos of the moment's hot, young female celebrity, or whether or not another celebrity is gay, or some other inane celebrity question. Do you really care? We don't.

Let us not forget the random FAQs we are asked:

Where is the best place to buy magazines cheap?

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