What makes a good host?

We have searched for enough hosts that we have found warning signs that we consider worth noting:

1) Notice the copyright at the bottom of the page. If it is 2002, you may want to question if they are still running the business or just hoping some fools give them some cash. For us, if it does not have the current year in the copyright and we are past January, the business is not the priority we need.

2) Customers served. If they boast 32,786 customers, we assume they are all on a few servers and that they cannot provide any one customer with excellent service, especially when they do this at $4/mo.

3) Where are their data centers? Is this a company outside of your country? If so, can you be comfortable with their business practices?

4) How long have they been around?

5) We have been burnt by this one: The host will place their account on a server that is fast while selling you, then place your account on a slow, overloaded server. What a nightmare, and unless you know how to test server speed, they will tell you it is your connection.

We have used enough hosts to know who to stay away from, but that list is too long. Who we suggest if you choose not to use OfficeGeek:

1 & 1

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